Thursday, April 8, 2010

A (little) Boy and His Trucks

Daniel loves trucks, trains, tractors, and basically anything with wheels! I took these photos of him the last day of February. You can see snow in these pictures! Considering we made our first trip (of the season) to the ocean yesterday and it was 90 degrees, these are a bit overdue! I guess it's about time I posted them! :)

Note the favorite train-conductor hat. This was a Christmas gift from Mom Linda and Buddy. Daniel LOVES this hat - he won't even let us take it off him for bed, naps, or bathtime! He does look pretty cute in it, so I don't mind. :)

"Hey Daniel, want to go outside?"

He heads straight over to the snow pile to do some 'work.'

Notice his tongue sticking out -
he does this whenever he is concentrating -
much like his Daddy! lol

I love this picture of him :)

another tongue shot :)

heading over to the barn to 'work' with Daddy

gotta love how serious he is about playing!
He's saying "MOMMEEEEE" in this photo!

Trying out photoscape