Sunday, April 27, 2008


Still haven't had a chance to post pictures, but will try to this week - Promise!

For those of you whose children use highchairs - I need your input! I haven't used a high chair since Eme was a baby. We used boosters for the two inbetween b.c of space. I went shopping for one today and they seem so expensive to me! $100?? Am I cheap or what? Anyways , wondering what your thoughts on them are... Is cheaper just as good for what it's used for? What do you LOVE about the one you have now? Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A new discovery!

I just discovered that Garr's hair is going white! Too funny! He's not even thirty! Do you think it was adding a fourth child or the police work? Maybe living with Mom and Dad!! =] Anyways, silver is sexy so I don't mind! I've always loved the thought of us growing old together and I guess we are just getting an early start!

Daniel is getting so big. He is enjoying eating like a big boy - squash yesterday for the first time. We were having a picnic at the park last night and Garr and I were eating and talking while the kids played. We looked over at Daniel in his seat and he was making chewing motions with his mouth - like he was trying to eat too. So cute! His newest 'trick!' He is getting so fun to play with. He is starting to laugh out loud and giggle.

On Monday of this week we went to Adventure Aquarium in Jersey. On Wednesday, it was Abby's 7th birthday! So I have tons of pictures and will try to get them posted this weekend for everyone to see.

Congratulations to our friends Ryan and Katie, who are expecting baby #2 in Dec! Whoo-hoo!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Night Out!

Garr and I were able to go out April 11th to a Sixers game and a Jeremy Camp concert. I won tickets on the radio. I have never won anything like this before - it was so fun! We worked out sitting for all the kids, and Garr was able to get off work early. We drove out to Philly, and walked about a mile to the Wachovia Center (later we saw much better parking, but the weather was really nice so we didn't mind walking!) Our tickets were in the nose-bleed section! I was so scared. I thought for sure someone would fall, but of course, no one did. The game was pretty close throughout, although the Pacers were always in the lead. They really were the better team - they worked together so well. The concert following was good too. At first we didn't have the greatest seats, but then some people left so we moved to their seats and it was great. It was a very worshipful concert - Jeremy shared a lot about how God helped him when his wife died. It gave Garr and I a lot to think about. All in all, a very special "night out!"
Me - clinging to my seat!
Garr - showing off, as always! (see the bruises from jui-jitsu?)

Our view from the nosebleed section
This camera has great zoom!
Final Score
Jeremy Camp, sharing his heart

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liv's PreSchool

Olivia LOVES school. She is so excited to go every day. She knows that she goes after lunch, so most days she keeps asking me if she can have lunch (starting at 10 am!) so she can go to school right after. Her teachers are wonderful! And her classmates are great kids. We couldn't be happier. I took some pictures of her during snack and show-n-tell the other day. The letter of the week was "W," so Olivia was showing the class her 'w'atch. She is so funny how she just loves to be the center of attention. After she was done showing her watch, she stood next to Mrs. K and hugged on her arm. Mrs. K let her choose who would go next (Sammi, of course!). Sammi had a wand, and as soon as she had shown it, Olivia took it and started granting everyone's wishes. I looked at Sammi's mom and said, "I feel so bad for Sammi sometimes - Olivia just takes over!" But Sammi just stood there and laughed - under Olivia's spell like everyone else!

"I'll be 5 in July!"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Field Trip to the Post Office

Olivia's class took a field trip to the local Post Office. Abby, Daniel, and I went along. We had a fun time. It was a beautiful day for a walk. This was very special for Olivia. Before she started pre-K, the highlight of her day was the mail coming. She would watch out the window for the mail truck and she was always so excited to see it. Then she would wait on the porch until the mail lady delivered our mail. Olivia was always disappointed if someone else (Grandad!) got the mail before she could. =] She would draw pictures for people and then go put them in the mailbox, thinking they would magically appear at the person's house. And more than once, she left pictures for Grandma and Grandad to pick up also.

Best Friends, Sammi and Liv
JD, Sammi, and Liv with "I visited my local Post Office" stickers on their foreheads

Checking out the mail slots
Liv and Sam
Cool Mail Truck!
Liv's Class (and the mail lady)
Sammi's little sis, Isabella, and Daniel

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rocketship Park

It was a beautiful day yesterday (and it is again today!) - in the high 70's and sunny. We decided to go to the park with the kids and have a picnic. We took them to Big Oak Park (or Rocketship Park, as my kids call it.) My parents joined us, and my friend, Bridget, and her crew came along too. I couldn't get the pictures on here in order, but you'll get the idea anyways!

Heading home with Daddy

On the way home - all tuckered out!


Abby just didn't want me to take her picture today - she wasn't having such a great time
This really is the BEST picture I got of the crew!
King of the Rocketship
Sliding is always more fun with Daddy

Beautiful blue eyes
Garr insists on balancing babies on his hand - he hasn't dropped one yet, but it still scares me!
Mom and Dad
Ryan and Bridget
Emelyn Joy

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A little update about homeschooling...

Abby started about 3 weeks ago. We decided there was no point in waiting until Fall and we just took her out of school. I do not have a set curriculum for her right now. We are going through a 1st grade Math workbook that our school in Cockeysville used for 1st grade. And Abby is doing a LOT of reading. She has read 5 or 6 of the Magic Tree House books in the past 10 days (as well as other picture books.) She is very interested in dinosaurs, so we took a bunch of books out of the library and got her a sticker book as well. She is learning about paleontologists, fossils, carnivores, herbivores, etc. Some of you might want to check out Every time the girls read a book, they can go on this site and take a test on it to earn points. Then the website has some rewards, or you can set some as parent, based on how many points the kids earn.

Now the other 2 girls want to homeschool in the fall also and I am getting a little nervous about doing it all. I am also nervous about choosing curriculum. I am SO bad at making decisions. And there are 4 really great math programs out there that I cannot choose between. I am trying to decide between MathUSee, Horizons, Singapore, and Saxon (but prob not Saxon). Math comes quite easily for Eme, but it is more of a struggle for Abby. (they are opposites in math and reading.) I could just really use some solid direction. There is a curriculum fair in Richmond in June and I am strongly considering begging Garr to take me. (There is also a GREAT children's museum there - maybe we can make a family trip of it!!)

Well, if anyone has ideas or advice for me - I'm certainly open to it!!! =]

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I really love quilting. I've been working on this quilt as a surprise for someone special. I spent last Sunday afternoon quilting. Eme joined me and helped cut threads and group fabrics together. Then Abby joined in also. It was great. I really loved sharing this with my girls. They have been asking me if I will teach them how to quilt also. We are going to start with doll quilts for them.

Then I finangled a rare day to myself on Thursday. Eme went to school, Abby went to work with Grandma, Liv went to a friend's house, and Garr was sleeping for the morning. So it was just me and Danny here. I felt a little guilty - spending an entire day just doing something I love to do. In fact, I spent quite a bit of time telling myself to slow down and enjoy the process. I was hurrying, feeling like I needed to get a lot to done - 'cause how often does this happen?' At any rate, I did get quite a bit accomplished and "mostly" enjoyed my day.

I am machine-quilting this one. In the past, I have just tied off my quilts. It is not going to win any prizes, but I am happy with it for my first time. I just have the borders left to quilt, then I have to make and sew on the binding. I'll post more pictures when it's done and I've given it away.
My sewing machine - it belonged to Garr's Grandma Naomi

The backing fabric - don't you love it?

The quilt (in layers, before quilting) -- Friendship Star Block

Danny, playing with his toys while I quilt

Danny, 4 mo.

"He's eating like a big boy?"

This was Livy's question to me as she walked into the kitchen to see Daniel sitting in his bouncy seat, being fed rice cereal from a red spoon. She was very excited and proud of him. Daniel took eating in stride, like he does everything else. He seemed to like it at first, but started making "yuck faces" after a few spoonfuls. We'll see how he does with it again tonight.

First Cereal Feeding, Friday, April 4, 2008.