Friday, April 25, 2008

A new discovery!

I just discovered that Garr's hair is going white! Too funny! He's not even thirty! Do you think it was adding a fourth child or the police work? Maybe living with Mom and Dad!! =] Anyways, silver is sexy so I don't mind! I've always loved the thought of us growing old together and I guess we are just getting an early start!

Daniel is getting so big. He is enjoying eating like a big boy - squash yesterday for the first time. We were having a picnic at the park last night and Garr and I were eating and talking while the kids played. We looked over at Daniel in his seat and he was making chewing motions with his mouth - like he was trying to eat too. So cute! His newest 'trick!' He is getting so fun to play with. He is starting to laugh out loud and giggle.

On Monday of this week we went to Adventure Aquarium in Jersey. On Wednesday, it was Abby's 7th birthday! So I have tons of pictures and will try to get them posted this weekend for everyone to see.

Congratulations to our friends Ryan and Katie, who are expecting baby #2 in Dec! Whoo-hoo!

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DOW FAMILY said...

Woah, white hair! Well, I have some more grays coming in. Those of us with darker hair show it more:( Isn't it amazing, God's plan, to grow old together. I think it is so we don't mind all those subtle changes!
Love ya