Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liv's PreSchool

Olivia LOVES school. She is so excited to go every day. She knows that she goes after lunch, so most days she keeps asking me if she can have lunch (starting at 10 am!) so she can go to school right after. Her teachers are wonderful! And her classmates are great kids. We couldn't be happier. I took some pictures of her during snack and show-n-tell the other day. The letter of the week was "W," so Olivia was showing the class her 'w'atch. She is so funny how she just loves to be the center of attention. After she was done showing her watch, she stood next to Mrs. K and hugged on her arm. Mrs. K let her choose who would go next (Sammi, of course!). Sammi had a wand, and as soon as she had shown it, Olivia took it and started granting everyone's wishes. I looked at Sammi's mom and said, "I feel so bad for Sammi sometimes - Olivia just takes over!" But Sammi just stood there and laughed - under Olivia's spell like everyone else!

"I'll be 5 in July!"

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Sarah said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing when their first experiences with school can be so wonderful? What a gift. Olivia is getting to be such a grown up -looking cutie!