Saturday, April 12, 2008

Field Trip to the Post Office

Olivia's class took a field trip to the local Post Office. Abby, Daniel, and I went along. We had a fun time. It was a beautiful day for a walk. This was very special for Olivia. Before she started pre-K, the highlight of her day was the mail coming. She would watch out the window for the mail truck and she was always so excited to see it. Then she would wait on the porch until the mail lady delivered our mail. Olivia was always disappointed if someone else (Grandad!) got the mail before she could. =] She would draw pictures for people and then go put them in the mailbox, thinking they would magically appear at the person's house. And more than once, she left pictures for Grandma and Grandad to pick up also.

Best Friends, Sammi and Liv
JD, Sammi, and Liv with "I visited my local Post Office" stickers on their foreheads

Checking out the mail slots
Liv and Sam
Cool Mail Truck!
Liv's Class (and the mail lady)
Sammi's little sis, Isabella, and Daniel

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