Sunday, April 27, 2008


Still haven't had a chance to post pictures, but will try to this week - Promise!

For those of you whose children use highchairs - I need your input! I haven't used a high chair since Eme was a baby. We used boosters for the two inbetween b.c of space. I went shopping for one today and they seem so expensive to me! $100?? Am I cheap or what? Anyways , wondering what your thoughts on them are... Is cheaper just as good for what it's used for? What do you LOVE about the one you have now? Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!


DOW FAMILY said...

I don't think I'd get a highchair again, at least the big ones. I'd get the smaller ones that fit on a chair at a table. They are secure but don't take up as much space:) That's my thought!! love ya

Bridget said...

I also would prefer to use a booster type rather than a full-size high chair. I do use a high chair, but it's because we had one already. If I didn't already have a chair I would have bought the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair/Booster Seat. It looks a lot like a high chair, but it attaches to a chair like a booster seat.

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone else- the booster seat is great and takes up so much less space!

American Mum said...

This is the best high chair I have found, and just so happens to be the cheapest! It doesn't take up nearly as much room as most high chairs and my baby has been using it since just 3 months. (Not to eat of course, but to sit with us while we eat!)

Lauren G said...

Jess, here is a link for a highchair that you put on your regular kitchen chair. It gives a little more support than a traditional booster seat.
My neighbor got this one for their youngest and they were able to use it from when she was 3 months old. Good luck finding one!!