Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let Your Sham-ROCK!

Our girls were in the St. Patty's Day parade on March 20th. They had a great time. A family from our church has miniature ponies and they always enter the local parades. The girls look forward to joining them for this. Abby gets to ride on "Montana." Emelyn gets to lead one of the ponies. And Olivia, so far, has gotten to ride in the cart. (I didn't get a good pic of her this time, but she was there)

Can you see how excited Daniel is to watch the parade?

Abby on Montana

Emelyn leading SuperStar (?)

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DOW FAMILY said...

they are so sweet. Danny's hair looks red! How sweet. I know what you mean about the difference btwn the first and last baby!! How fast time goes!