Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter Morning

Eme and Abby were up looking for eggs at 5:30 am! I made them "wait" (they couldn't actually pick up the eggs they found), until Liv got up at 7. They loved their baskets, and were excited that the Easter bunny gave them each their own pocket sized Bible. "What's wrong with this thing? Why are some of the words in red?" =] They couldn't figure out why there was a card from Mom and Daddy in their baskets from the Easter bunny either! (Oops- didn't think that one through) They sang with the kids at church. Eme recited a poem. My dad acted out the part of Barabbas "in lieu" of a sermon. He dressed the part - long gray wig and everything. Wish I'd gotten a picture. Jesus took Barabbas' place on the cross - Barabbas was the one who deserved to die like that, not Jesus. Jesus took our place on that cross also. Thank you, Jesus.

Eme reciting her poem

Easter baskets (Yes, I know it is a snowman tablecloth- We can't find a Spring tablecloth long enough for the table! =])

Our bunnies
Sitting in her basket - the girls were playing "Farmer, hen, and fox." Liv is the hen, sitting on her nest. Love their imaginations!
Singing with the Children's Choir


BanjoSD said...

Easter baskets on a snowman tablecloth. I know you all don't like hanging on to winter like I do, what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Banjo - Only YOU would notice that we haven't changed the snowman tablecloth............anybody know where you can get a Spring vinyl tablecloth that is 110" - 120" long? I've searched and searched. Cloth tablecloths are not an option - Jess and I already do too much laundry! And yes, this table was Granny's and needs to be covered and protected. Ideas? Grandma Sharon