Friday, April 11, 2008

Rocketship Park

It was a beautiful day yesterday (and it is again today!) - in the high 70's and sunny. We decided to go to the park with the kids and have a picnic. We took them to Big Oak Park (or Rocketship Park, as my kids call it.) My parents joined us, and my friend, Bridget, and her crew came along too. I couldn't get the pictures on here in order, but you'll get the idea anyways!

Heading home with Daddy

On the way home - all tuckered out!


Abby just didn't want me to take her picture today - she wasn't having such a great time
This really is the BEST picture I got of the crew!
King of the Rocketship
Sliding is always more fun with Daddy

Beautiful blue eyes
Garr insists on balancing babies on his hand - he hasn't dropped one yet, but it still scares me!
Mom and Dad
Ryan and Bridget
Emelyn Joy

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Anonymous said...

great pics! abby looks so unhappy!! Miss you guys and I remember livy's party at rocketship park- it was a fun time!