Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Night Out!

Garr and I were able to go out April 11th to a Sixers game and a Jeremy Camp concert. I won tickets on the radio. I have never won anything like this before - it was so fun! We worked out sitting for all the kids, and Garr was able to get off work early. We drove out to Philly, and walked about a mile to the Wachovia Center (later we saw much better parking, but the weather was really nice so we didn't mind walking!) Our tickets were in the nose-bleed section! I was so scared. I thought for sure someone would fall, but of course, no one did. The game was pretty close throughout, although the Pacers were always in the lead. They really were the better team - they worked together so well. The concert following was good too. At first we didn't have the greatest seats, but then some people left so we moved to their seats and it was great. It was a very worshipful concert - Jeremy shared a lot about how God helped him when his wife died. It gave Garr and I a lot to think about. All in all, a very special "night out!"
Me - clinging to my seat!
Garr - showing off, as always! (see the bruises from jui-jitsu?)

Our view from the nosebleed section
This camera has great zoom!
Final Score
Jeremy Camp, sharing his heart


DOW FAMILY said...

Wow, you won something cool! That sounds fun! You guys look great. Love your hair cut.

Lauren G said...

Jess, I love your haircut and color! You look great!! So glad you had a night out, us parents need that!