Thursday, April 3, 2008

Visit with the Orshaw's

Following our visit with the Jelliff side of the family, we went to visit the Orshaw side. We were able to see my grandparents' new house that they were in the process of moving into. We had a nice visit with them and then drove over to walk through the woods in Goose Hollow. We took some family pictures in front of my uncle's new cabin. It was a really nice trip. Liv and Great-Grandad
Daniel and Great-Grandma
The Greats and the Grans
Grandma and Grandad and kids
Justin and Liv

Ken, Kate, and Justin
Justin and Liv
Dad and Mom


DOW FAMILY said...

Was this your Dad's side of the family, then? How fun! I didn't know you were making the trip. Looks like it was fun. You guys look great!!
ps. love your hair cut Jess! When you were in lafayette, it was soo long!

Lauren G said...

Wow Jess! It was great to catch up on the past few weeks with you! So when are you guys going to come visit us? The doors are always open, I am thinking it might be time for a Reunion!!! What do you think? Sarah and Jordan's family, Sarah and Tim's family, mine and yours.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Garr and Family, we are enjoying your blog. You worked very hard on this...pretty cool. Glad to see you are all looking well. Hope to see you soon in Cockeysville.

Love The Donelan's

Susanna Joy said...

What a beautiful family picture. :)