Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Daniel is surprising me today. He was, as usual, completely excited to have Grandad home for lunch. But it's what he did when Grandad had to leave. He used to cry and cry. Today, Dad said to him, "Grandad has to go back to work." And he looks up at my dad, with his mouth open for a big kiss. Then he turns and comes straight to me, no crying. And he just waves good-bye to my dad. First of all, the fact that he understands what it means when we say "Grandad has to go to work" is amazing to me. Daniel is just 14 months old now and can only say "ma, ma" and "da,da" and he shakes his head "yes" and "no." But obviously he understands a great deal more. It was just adorable how he reached up for a kiss good-bye. (He is stingy with his kisses! - except with Grandad!)

Then I realized he knows how to hold a pencil correctly and write with it. He is constantly looking for something to write on. He will grab books or paper and try to draw on them if he has a pencil. Hopefully, he will learn quickly not to draw on walls and furniture! Emelyn took to drawing very quickly and is very talented. Maybe he will be too. Unfortunately, he also likes to bite the erasers off of pencils and eat them!

And he loves to wear ball caps - esp if they come off Daddy or Grandad's head! Here he is in one we bought him at Assateague Island last summer.


Lins said...

Wow is Daniel growing up fast! What a little man. So great to keep up with you all on the blog.


Robin said...

I think children are absolutely precious at this age. I agree with you- they know so much more than they let on! Really, I think God is an amazing creator- the way children develop is more intricate than the biggest man/woman-made computer! Your little boy is beautiful. I've got four boys and I have been amazed at EVERY stage of their development. What an incredible honor to be a mom and get to experience all of this, huh!

Jesse, Jess, and Corban said...

He is SO cute!!!! He is getting big- I can't believe how fast the time flies. Oh, I found those crib sheets at Target- $4.99 each! Love ya:)

DOW FAMILY said...

He is a beautiful boy! I love to witness those amazing milestones too. Just today, I was thinkin along the same lines as Anna (3) noticed some K work outside her sister's classroom and saw a capital A and said, Mommy, that's my name! .... it wasn't of course, just the first letter, but I had to pinch myself...they grow up too fast!!!!!!