Saturday, September 12, 2009


I completely forgot to mention in my post last night - we are homeschooling this year! We have just completed our first week. We actually have a homeschool room in the new house and I love it. We have our maps up on the walls, a chalkboard painted next to a cork board (just waiting for hubby to trim it all his spare time,) 4 bookshelves, and a "toy center" for Daniel. We also have a computer desk and we opted for a table instead of individual desks. The walls are painted and the floor is new. I can't wait for this space to be finished, but I am loving it already.

We are using My Father's World 'Exploring Countries and Cultures' curriculum for geography, science, history, music, and art. For math, Emelyn is doing Singapore, Abby - Horizons, and Liv is doing a whole mess of things :) In English, Emelyn is using ILL and Abby is using R&S. Liv is using MFW 1st grade. So far I am loving this curriculum.

I wasn't sure if I would like homeschooling - I already have trouble finding time in my day for everything that needs to be done - how was I going to add in hours of schooling? But it is working out well. I am enjoying learning right along with the girls (maybe even more :)). And the icing on the cake? Seen on the chalkboard the other day "Thank you Mama for teaching us. We love you." Awwwww.

Our only concern is friends for the girls, especially Emelyn. We have just moved to a new town and don't really know anyone yet. Although we aren't far from our old town (maybe 25 min), it's still too far to see people on a daily basis. In order to meet new people we have joined a co-op. We went Thursday and the girls had a great time. There are a lot of other activities for homeschoolers in the area as well --- bowling, rollerskating, gymnastics, park dates, field trips, etc. I'm sure we are going to meet lots of people in the next few months.

I'll try to post pictures when our room is finished. :)

And you can count on more posts since I finally got that overwhelming 3 mo update post over and done with! :)


Mikaela said...

Hi Jess!
YAY for new updates. Looks/sounds like you're settling into your new home and adjusting to new surroundings. I can't believe how grown up Eme is looking- she's beautiful (as are Abby and Liv too). Daniel is just as cute as can be. How cool that you're able to have a "homeschooling room." Please know if you ever have any education related questions, I'm here! We just switched to Singapore this year at my school. I'm only a week into it, but am liking it so far. All is well with us. Mason is three- going on 13! He's quite the silly boy, but he certainly keeps us smiling and busy. Tell Emelyn I said hello. I think about her often.

scrappy quilter said...

Hi and thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I've homeschooled now for 13 years. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful school year. I'll definitely be back for a visit.