Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swimming, septics, and a coffee hunt...

Everything is going well here. Eme just completed her first swim class at the local Y! She loved it! There were 3 other girls in her class. I have been praying, praying, praying that she would make a good friend! I was a bit sad when we got there and out of the two girls there, one was older and one was younger. BUT God is good and another little girl came late and she is in the same grade as Eme. Yay!

We weren't sure we put her in the right class, skill-wise. Eme is a natural swimmer, but has never taken lessons. It was obvious that she wasn't as "skilled" as the other girls in her class, mechanics-wise. The teacher saw me waiting in the hall outside the locker room and stopped to chat. She told me that when she heard Eme had never taken lessons, she thought for sure they would be putting her in a lower level class. But then she saw her swim and said she is a natural and just needs help with the mechanics. She doesn't see any reason why she shouldn't be able to keep up and excel in this level! Double yay! So it was a great experience for her. Hopefully in January, we will sign the whole family up and then the little girls can take lessons too. :)

Our septic is still too full. Garr is trying to figure out how best to handle it. We aren't sure what step to take next and could really use God's wisdom on this. Thankfully there are some good friends giving good advice - just a matter of which way to go!

This morning I came out of my room to find some coffee spilled on the floor. A few feet away, there was more coffee spilled on the floor. The strange thing was there was no mug of coffee around. I kept walking and walking and walking until I got to the other side of the house (it's a big circle.) And then I laughed. And laughed and laughed. Apparently Daniel thought Rocky needed an energy boost (not!) and filled his water dish with the rest of Garr's coffee. I found the mug sitting empty next to the dish. Life is rarely boring around here! :)

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Anonymous said...

Rocky on caffeine. Now that's a scary thought! Mom