Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Spring Day

These pictures were actually taken last week when the weather was "warm" (for this time of year - note the snow), but not quite as warm as yesterday! Yay for nice weather! I hung a couple loads of laundry out on my clothesline yesterday and the kids played outside a lot. And we walked to the mulch pile after Garr got home from work. So nice! And another nice thing lately? Garr working days. sigh. So wonderful. Only two weeks left and then he's back to second shift. But for now, we are totally enjoying "normal working hours."

One of Abby's favorite things
about our house is this Japanese Maple tree.
She loves climbing it!

Abs and Liv
All three girlies
Daniel driving his car
Eme and Abby

Abby's not the only one who likes to climb...

Liv climbs too - just not as high as her sisters
Hooray! Spring is almost here!

hard at play
helping Daddy - -
Daniel went and got the shovel to help
after I took this photo :)


Sarah in the Middle said...

GREAT PICS, JESS! You family is beautiful. We miss you guys!

Difference2This1 said...

Wasn't that just the nicest day!! I have photos like that to post also...but, missing the tree. How fun...wish we had a tree like that, looks like your pretty girls are great climbers :)