Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthdays and Halloween

We spent Emelyn's 11th birthday in VA, visiting Garr's Mom Linda and her fiancee Buddy. It was also Mom Linda's birthday!! And it was Halloween too. We had a great time. We came up with some creative gifts (read: inexpensive) for Mom for her bd and Eme got an ipod from Mom and Buddy. She loves it! We have recently gotten a membership at the YMCA and it is so cute to see her working out with her ipod strapped to her arm. :) Buddy agreed to dress up as a pirate with Abby - he's so much fun :) Daniel had a costume but refused to wear it (as usual.) He did carry a sword though... Here are some photos from our weekend:

Eme was a SWAT member

Eme and Abby battling

Pirate Abby
She was so cute posing!
Olivia was a Snow Queen
Daniel is too cute!
This was so funny!
Daniel kept bopping Buddy on the head with the sword
and they were both belly laughing!!

Buddy and Abby dueling it out!
We went to a car show trunk or treat
Buddy, Mom, and the kids
The best photo of all 4 kids taken that weekend,
with one of our favorite neighbors, Ms. Shirley

Danny waiting to trick or treat

Our snow queen

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Anonymous said...

that is such a cute post i love all the outfits p.s tell eme i miss her and i love her costume