Friday, February 29, 2008

Chorin' Mamas

Do you ever get tired of being the "only one" who does certain things around the house? Have you ever noticed something that needs to be done and had the following thought process:

"Hmmm, the toilet paper roll needs to be changed AGAIN. I ALWAYS change it. Maybe if I leave it this time, I'll get surprised and someone else will change it."

a few hours later:

"No takers yet. It's early still. The husband isn't even home from work yet."

that night before bed:

"Well, he had a busy day at work. He must not have noticed. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe one of the kids will give it a try."

the next evening:

"Uggg. Looks like I'm gonna be doing this again."

But stubbornly, you hold out hope. Then after another day of being annoyed that there is no tp on the roll, and the tp has wet marks on it from sitting on the counter near the sink, and the tp has been re-rolled because it keeps getting dropped on the floor, you break down and put the roll on YOURSELF.

About a month later, you foolishly start to hope again! and repeat the above process.

Anyone else been through this? Maybe not with tp, but with some other chore in the house? If you can relate, take a picture of the offending task and link your blog post to this one so we "Chorin' Mamas" can commiserate together. Just to make a boring, repetitive chore a little more fun!

(FYI - This is my first time trying to "backlink" so I'm not really sure how this will work out! If it doesn't work for you to link to this post, then let me know so I can figure out how to make it work -- Happy Blogging!)


Anonymous said...

roll on mama roll on!!

BanjoSD said...

Just consider it paperwork - seems less menial!