Monday, February 25, 2008

Laundry anyone?

Alright, so last night I had the laundry completely caught up. Pretty amazing. Guess what I saw when I opened the closet door this morning? A HUGE pile of dirty laundry. How in the world does it pile up so quickly? I'll tell you how. A baby who keeps spitting up and goes through 4 outfits and 7 bibs in one day. A husband who works out like a madman, and therefore goes through a workout outfit, a jiu-jitsu gi, and his regular clothes (possibly two sets depending on work), and 3 busy little girls who get wet playing in the snow and messy drinking their hot cocoa. Oh and the littlest girl who is still struggling to stay dry through the night so there is usually sheets and blankets thrown in the mix.

Yeah, I get tired of doing laundry. I get tired of feeling like I never really accomplish anything in this dept. But really, it's ok. I love having a big family and this is just part of the deal. And I know that someday, I'll open the closet door and there won't be a pile of laundry. And I have a feeling, I'll be sad about that.

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Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I share the same dilema. It is a nice feeling to wear something from the bottom of the pile instead of the same top of the pile outfit isn't it? I have the same problem getting the clean clothes to the dressers as well. Atleast I keep them separate...most of the time...ugh!