Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great time at our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. The girls look forward to it each year. The hunt starts promptly at 11 am. Then there is lunch (hot dogs, chips, Hugs drinks, brownies, and cupcakes) After lunch comes the games. The kids play all different types of games and get to win prizes. (I didn't get to see this part as I was inside with Daniel.) Finally, they got rides on the wagon, being pulled by a miniature pony. The kids has SO much fun. We adults did too. =]
My nephew Justin
Abby with her basketful
Emelyn, Beautiful even with bangs hanging in her eyes!
Justin and Livy getting a ride
Eme riding bike

Livia swinging
Abby - beautiful
Liv and Justin - so excited!
Liv's basket

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DOW FAMILY said...

the kids are so cute. looks like fun. that is great that abby reads your blog! How funny. I don't think my kids would know how to find it on the computer:) miss you