Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Abby keeps asking me to homeschool her - seriously. I know most kids wouldn't want to, but she does. And this isn't just a recent thing. She has been asking me on and off for over a year. It's not that she has a hard time in school. She does really well - her teachers love her, she has lots of friends. But I think she is often bored and she loves being home. She's a homebody through and through. And she loves to read and do projects and help around the house.

I had her read a story tonight about a little girl who homeschools. We talked about the good things and the bad things -- like the fact that she wouldn't have friends to play with everyday, no TV during school time, doing work even when she didn't feel like it, doing extra chores, etc. She is still gung ho over the idea.

I, personally, have always felt a desire to homeschool my kids. I'm trying to decide if I am in love with the idea of homeschooling - seeing, in my mind, a perfect house and a happy mom and child learning together. Whereas the reality will probably be far from that on most days (esp re the house!).

At the same time, I know, I truly believe, that Abby would thrive in a homeschool setting. She is already doing really well, but I think learning at home would suit her and she would take right off.

So here's the situation:


I'm going to be home anyway

When I do work, I can take her with me and still help her with her schoolwork

She would most likely thrive

It could be a fantastic thing for us

She can always go back to public school if it doesn't work and be 'none the worse for wear'

It will be investing in my child


It will be extra work for me

She might get bored with it



So what do you think? I am trying to think this through. Garr supports me either way. I really can't think of any more cons. Any suggestions?

Edited to add: Abby is in 1st grade. She is reading at a much higher level though - probably a third or fourth grade level.


stsflying said...

How old is Abby?

Anonymous said...

Abby will be 7 next month. Her Grandma

DOW FAMILY said...

I think it is great you are open to it....every child is different, some would thrive, maybe some wouldn't. I can't believe that Abby is almost 7!! Wow. Pray that God will confirm what He wants for you and Abby:)

Susanna Joy said...

I think you should do it. :) If you think she'll thrive, it's worth at least giving it a shot. Maybe a "trial period" over summer or something where you can both see how you like it. It will be more work, but curricula are just so laid out, you'd only have to do as much independent research/study per lesson as you wanted to. And I don't know about you, but I would welcome the opportunity to see something done, accomplished, and moved past on a weekly basis (as opposed to the ongoing activities with no solid resolution: character development; laundry, etc.) Have you looked at the "way" or philosophy you'd like best? There are so many good programs out there. I'm really interested to see what you decide. I know the Lord will lead you.

Tim and Sarah said...

You're blogging!! NEVER thought I'd see the day! LOL! I'm so proud of you!! LOVE the pics of all your kiddies...Daniel is SO cute!!!! I wish I could snuggle him!!
So, I second the fact that this is not a new dilema for you...hee hee... keep praying girl!! I liked the idea of a trial over the summer...maybe after a few months you'd know if it would work for you or not? Then if not you could have a seamless transition back into the school year.
I so admire you're desire to even consider this...you're such a good mama!! Miss you like crazy...love you!