Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey Everyone, Just an update. We are all doing well - tired out, but well! Mom and Dad are healing really nicely. Every day they are able to do more for themselves. Our church has been great - bringing in meals and helping out with the kids the first two weeks, especially. We are leaving for Family Camp in Denton on Friday. The surgeon said that mom can go, as long as she continues with the bed rest there. The kids are very excited. I'm a little overwhelmed at packing and loading and setting up all by myself. (Garr will be there to help with some of it, but he is still working for the police dept. during a lot of camp) I know we will have a good time when we get there, though!

Daniel is getting so big! He is army-crawling now. He started when he was 7 mo, 1 day - so July 1st. The week after the accident - not the best timing in my book! He does a lot of "singing" now. It's really cute. Eme performed in a play (she was in drama camp for two weeks.) She did a great job and had fun too! Abby got a new bike today. She finally outgrew her little one. I will try to get pictures taken and posted soon. Olivia is turning 5 on Friday. We are having her party tomorrow morning at a local park. It should be fun. Garr's birthday is today! We didn't get to do too much to celebrate. We had ice cream cake (his favorite) and I got him this thing for his bike that keeps track of how many miles he has ridden, and also an autographed Matt Hughes t-shirt. I think he is especially excited about the t-shirt.

Hopefully I will have time to update again and post pictures after camp!


DOW FAMILY said...

I am so glad you are all hanging in there! You sound super busy. I will be praying for you still. Hope that you get some time to relax at camp. Miss you. Pray for us, we are moving! We want to get some more privacy and hopefully stay there for a while!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to make it to camp. Mom went out to Hilton to see Gram L. for Gramp L.'s bday today! They went to the cemetary and Grandma is marching in the Carnival parade tonight with the ambulance corp. She is a lot more on the move now because of her busy schedule. She's working 4 nights at the Hilton carnival. Helaina turns 7 on July 31rst. We're picking out all of the Hannah Montana goodies.You all continue to be in our prayers.
Love Ya,
Dan & Kim and Mike & Lisa and kids xo

Margaret said...

Will be praying you ALL have a GREAT time at camp. We will be praying for you all as always.

Love and prayers,