Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer is coming to an end...

Our summer sped by. It feels like we are spending this week trying to make up for all we missed due to mom and dad's accident. This week we have been to Killen's Pond, Lake Como, Xbos, the park, and are having a sleepover tonight (7 little girls!).

School starts on Monday. Olivia will be going into kindergarten at the local public school as she got a really excellent teacher. She also learned how to ride her two-wheeler this summer! She is such a proud girl! She goes out to ride all the time now and she constantly wants us to come out and watch her. =] It was so great to be able to have mom and dad right here to see her ride. She celebrated her 5th birthday in July. We had a little party at the local park and then had her family party at camp. She loved all her "cool" gifts! Her babysitter, Sami, made the awesome princess cake for her!

Eme and Abby will be starting 3rd and 2nd grades. They haven't gotten used to the school here, and have asked to homeschool. We'll see how that goes! Eme was in a drama production at the local Opera House. She attended drama camp every day for two weeks before they put on their production. She did great and had a lot of fun.
Abby has become our resident photographer! She took the picture of my dad throwing his head back, laughing. She took some other pictures at our local park that I will share in my next post. She's quite talented!

My parents are getting better all the time. My mom is still on bed rest, but she is allowed to get up and do light chores and go places if she feels like it. My dad is gradually able to use his arm more and more. He has gone back to work, and preached for the first time a week ago. He said it felt great!

Garr is really starting to settle into his job. I think he is leading his dept in DUIs so I am proud of him! He is getting ready to test for his first couple of stripes in jiu-jitsu. He is working towards a blue belt. I'm just busy with the kids and starting an Awana program at our church. We had a yard sale with some friends last week and that was a success!

Daniel deserves a paragraph all his own. He is 8 months old now - almost 9. He has 6teeth and doesn't mind you knowing it ~ Don't let him stick your finger in his mouth! =] He has perfected his army crawl and gets around really fast. He gets up on his hands and knees to rock, but back on his belly to crawl. He says "da, da" and "ba, ba," but it's rare to hear him say "ma." (which stinks for me!) I'm afraid he may be a picky eater. He likes the basic baby food, but when you start mixing them ('corn and sweet potatoes' or 'apples and bananas', for instance), he refuses to eat them! He loves Gerber Graduates Puffs and he does such a good job picking them up and getting them into his mouth. He had a rough month healthwise. When we went to family camp, he had an ear infection and a virus and a rash! And he was cutting two teeth! Poor kid! When we came home, we found out his other ear was infected. He seems to be getting better now. It was the first time he had been sick and apparently he was going to do it all at once! He is a very happy, mostly content baby. We feel very blessed!

I'm am going to post lots of pictures from the past month. I'm having trouble with making notes next to the pictures - but I'm sure most are self-explanatory! Enjoy!

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