Friday, August 29, 2008

Saving Money!

So many of you know that we are trying to save $$ for a house! Now that the girls are going to school, I hope to have more free time! I've decided to give myself a part-time job at home. How? By clipping coupons, planning meals around sales, and doing whatever else I can to save money. Saving money on things we would normally spend money on is as good as earning money!

Another neat and easy way I just heard about to earn money is through Adsense on Google. I just signed up for them to place an ad on my blog and I get paid for every time someone clicks on an ad. It just takes a second, so please click when you stop by! Thanks!

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Lauren G said...

YEAH Jess!! So excited for you! It is such a fun part time job, that is how I look at coupon clipping, sales shopping! Keep looking on my blog, I am planning a big RE-Launch with many sales helps!