Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daniel, 10 months old

Daniel continues to surprise us. He has begun to open cupboards and pull everything out. He likes to follow along behind his sisters and be in the middle of whatever they are doing. And many days, when the girls are in school, he is good at keeping himself occupied for little bits of time. The other day was just such a day. I was busy working on Awana stuff on the computer and realized that Danny had gotten quiet in his spot behind the couch. I went to check on him and found that he had climbed into this box all by himself and was intently checking out this baby doll (gift for a friend's bd). And when he saw that I had discovered him - the smile. It was too cute.

His new "Ooooh!" face!

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garrdaniel said...


I'm laughing out loud in my patrol car (0415hrs), looking at my boy. He's so cute and funny. I'm so glad you do this it gives me something to do when the town of Smyrna is behaving. I love you and I'll see you in a few hours.