Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

All 5 kids - Justin, Eme, Daniel, Abby, and Liv
waiting for the parade to start!
Emelyn - isn't she beautiful?

Abby- she was having fun -
she was just tired of me taking pictures!

Justin and Liv

"Wo-Wo-Wo!" for every firetruck, tractor, and motorcycle that went by!

little hands clapping

"Ma! Ma! Ma!" which means
"Wow, Mom, Look at that!"
The police cars started out the parade. As soon as Daniel saw the car that looks just like the one Garr drives, he started hollering and waving. It was so cute! He looked very confused though when it didn't stop!

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Lauren G said...

your daughters are so beautiful Jess! And wow Daniel looks like he is having a blast! We have to get together sometime soon!