Friday, July 3, 2009

More Summer Fun

American Mum is having a giveaway on her website. You just comment on your favorite summer activity. It got me thinking. I'm pretty sure our favorite summer activity is swimming. Our new house (which we STILL haven't closed on - looking at July 10 right now) has a pool! Whoo-hoo! But until then, we have to visit local places like lakes and the ocean. The ocean, however, is a good 45 minutes away and Daniel doesn't like it yet. I think the waves scare him. So we end up going to a local lake instead. The kids still love it. And being that it is 5 minutes away makes it easy to head over there in the afternoon. At first Daniel didn't like it at all! But he has since made friends with the sand and even waded out into the water some yesterday. He did take a dunk - face first - but after a good cry from the shock, headed right back in. Here are some cute photos from our first trip this summer.

Abby jumping in
Emelyn, friend MaKayla, and Abby jumping in together

Garr throwing Abby in
Olivia swimming with help from a football

The girls dug out a personal pond for Daniel!
He enjoyed that!

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are too cute. I love the one where Garr is throughing abby into the water. My Dad use to do that when I was in kindergarten. There were half days back then so I had the pool all to myself.