Friday, June 26, 2009

Havin' a little fun!

I was never a rebellious teenager or young adult. I've never had the desire to rebel or act out against authority. I was always too serious. I wanted to be perfect and act perfect and never mess up! But I turned 30 this year. And something clicked in me. I realized that this is my life and I am going to LIVE it. I am NOT going to constantly worry about what other people think of me or how they think I should be living my life. I am going to make my dreams happen (buying a house!) and I plan to enjoy my life. Yesterday, I did something just a little drastic that has been a whole lot of fun. While getting my hair done, I had her put two pink streaks in my hair! Why not? It looks cute and it's summertime! Time for fun! It will grow out or get cut out eventually. But for now, I am enjoying this little bit of craziness in my life :) I told Garr yesterday, "You're only 30 once!" I never did anything like this as a teen or in my 20's - I'm tired of being totally serious. Life happens way too fast. I think someday I will look back and laugh at myself and be proud of myself for "living on the edge." Lol! Enjoy!

ok, this isn't a great picture -
but it shows the pink streaks better -
they can be covered by the rest of my hair
when I want to look serious!


Anonymous said...

You are one CRAZY girl!!! Love you, Mom

Cindy said...

i really love it! good for you for taking an adventurous leap.

it's cindy (sandy's daughter - i'm 21 now and all grown up lol)... i know i haven't talked to or seen you guys in years - can't believe you have five kids now! crazy!

couldn't find your email on me @ if only to say hello.

<3 cindy