Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm sure there is a whole list of things I ought to be doing right now. But I just realized it has been almost a month since I've posted. And there are some milestones happening with the kids that I know I will forget if I don't write them down now.

Daniel -- He is the cutest, sweetest, busiest boy! So far this week he has:

  • pulled half the keys off my laptop (to the point that we have to get a new keyboard for it)

  • broken a plastic bottle of syrup and I found it seeping in the cabinet and drops all over the kitchen floor - well, he put it back where he found it right?
  • thinking himself very cute, he put his head between the railings on the front porch, and giving me his cheesiest grin, proceeded to get his head stuck!
  • learned to smack his lips after a kiss
  • taken the floor molding, the jumbo pencils, and the drumsticks and hit anything within reach

Emelyn -- She has done so amazing in school this year. This girl has just blossomed! She is loving reading and math. She is the only one in her class to meet both her AR (Accelerated Reading) and AM (Accelerated Math) goals for the year! She went from an AR score of 3.2 (3rd grade, 2nd month) to a score of 4.3 (4th grade, 3rd month.) She draws amazing pictures and she writes equally amazing poetry. Here is a sample of one of her poems:

My Baby Brother

"His hands are like tiny mice

His hair is like red strawberries

His face is like soft feathers

His voice is like a laughing jack in the box

His smile is like the sun looking at me"

Both Emelyn and Abby have made high honor roll all year long in school. Eme is also growing like a weed :) She came out to the kitchen this morning showing me a pair of sneakers that she just found in the basement. She was telling me how they fit her perfectly and how "cool" they are. As I came around the table to look at them, I saw that they are my old sneakers! Yes, my 9 year old now has the same size feet as me! I always knew I would be sharing shoes with my kids someday, I just didn't think it would be my 3rd grader! :)

Abby has persevered through this school year. We were blessed with a fantastic teacher for her. I say persevered because she would MUCH rather stay home with me then go to school everyday. She is still our silly, smart, loving, rambunctious girl! She loves playing her DS, reading Nancy Drew books, and playing outside with the neighbor kids. She can't wait to get her own puppy or kitten. Her goal for the summer is to get 1st place in the library's summer reading program for her age group. :)

Olivia has done very well in school this year also. She is ALL about socializing and fashion! I think we are in serious trouble with this girl! She is reading pretty well. She can read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss without much help. I am not pushing her. It took Eme a few years to get confident reading and now you can't stop her. :) I know Liv will pick it up when she is ready.

We are also working on keeping her dry throughout the night. Yes, she is still in pull-ups at nighttime. She is a tiny little thing and I don't think her bladder is much bigger than a pea. :) On top of that, she sleeps the soundest of any kid I know. It's like you turn a switch with her - she falls dead asleep and there is no rousing her! I have heard others say that they get up during the night to take their kids to the bathroom. Well, for the past 18 mo., it was definitely not worth it to me to have to wake up another time during the night! Now that Daniel is sleeping better through the night, I decided to set my alarm clock for midnight to wake her up and take her to the bathroom. We did fine the first night and she was so proud to stay dry in her panties all night long! Last night didn't go so well. I turned off my alarm and promptly fell back to sleep. Sure enough, around 2 am she crawled into bed with me. She had gotten up and changed into dry clothes. I felt so bad. I'll do better tonight! :) Hopefully her internal clock will begin to wake her up so she can go to the bathroom on her own eventually.

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