Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easter Photos

Ummm, yeah so Easter was a while ago. But I never got around to sharing our photos. Here are a few from that day. {smiles}

Myself and Garr
Justin and Livia
Abby, Daniel, Eme, and Liv
A morning hug from Daddy
Grandpa Garr came for a visit!
Daniel snuggling his kitty and his SWAT truck {smiles}

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Tarah said...

I never know where to reply to comment: my blog, the questioners blog, email, facebook...so many options. :)

We have a Maytag Bravos quiet series 300. washer and dryer. It's not a front loader b/c i hate those. i wish the dryer door opened down instead of to the side, but otherwise I love them both. James actually did all the research and picked them out. I didn't get a say. :) he did a good job though. They're very user-friendly and conserve water by judging the amount of clothes that are in it. I can get a week of laundry done in about 4 loads (that will change).