Monday, May 4, 2009

Praying when you don't want to... *Updated*

*Updated* - My VGF received an offer yesterday on their house! And they are waiting to accept it due to the fact that they are supposed to receive another offer today! God is good!!

We got a call from our very good friends (VGF) yesterday. They were our first friends here and now I count the mom as my BFF, the oldest daughter as Eme's BFF, and the youngest daughter as Abby's BFF. Their house was shown 3 times yesterday and it looks like they will be getting an offer today! My VGF called to ask us to PRAY! They are supposed to be moving 17 hours away in about a month. Their house has been on the market for months. What a blessing for them if their house will sell now - before they move.

I hung up the phone and told my family (as we were having dinner) about the call. Then we decided to pray together, right then and there. But Abby looked at me and said, "Mama, I don't want to pray! I don't want their house to sell! I don't want them to move!" I can tell you where she learned that from - I had the exact same reaction when I first learned they were moving! But I had to work through this reaction and yesterday I tried to help Abby through it too:

"They are going to move. It's best for their family. They need to sell their house and they need to sell it before they move. Not selling their house doesn't mean they will stay. It just means their move will be that much harder.
If we love them, we will want what is best for them.
We will pray for God's best for them - even if it isn't the best for us."

Not an easy lesson to learn. How often do we put our wants first in our prayers instead of trusting in God's best (that might be more painful for us)? So today, please say a prayer for our VGF that their house sells and their job offer comes through. We love them and we want God's best for them. And do you remember this post from a few days ago? Yeah, that's how God seems to be working in this situation too! Only God is making all this happen! He will make a way!

Here are some Easter photos of us all:

7 of our 8 kids and a few extras :)

Abby and Paigie

K & E
Kaeli and Eme

The Mamas


Linda said...

I believe that you will all be praying for God's best. Do your best and trust God to do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful posts, beautiful people, beautiful God. Don't get much better than that! May He be praised!!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Aaah- I know the feeling!!! I'll be praying for them too!