Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mama after Awana

We have Awana on Thursday nights. I am the "Commander." No, I didn't choose the title. I really wouldn't have chosen "Commander" - makes me sound like I'm in armed combat or something. But then maybe I am. If you met some of the little boys that come... {smiles.} But really, I have been teaching the kids that another name for the Bible is "Sword." One of the main facets of Awana is Scripture memory. And what do we use swords for? Fighting off the enemy, right? And what do we use scripture for? Fighting off the enemy! So maybe Commander is a good term after all.

Abby took this picture of me after Awana last week or the week before. I'm tired. Can you tell? I love Awana. But by the time it is over? Yeah, I'm tired!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! And yeah, EVERY adult is tired when it's over....but what a fantastic program! Luv the pics! Mom

Sarah in the Middle said...

You still look so pretty when you're exhausted :)