Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Way

So I was going to share our big news with you all, but some "stumbling blocks" (not road blocks!) as my friend put it, have occured today. I will tell you this: it involves buying our first house ~ for which we are so excited. But what a stressful time we have had! Throughout it all, this song keep running through my mind:

God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way.
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me.

He will be my guide,
hold me closely to His side.
With love and strength
for each new day,
He will make a way.
He will make a way.

I know my God is bigger than me. He's bigger than this house I want so badly.
He's bigger than my mortgage broker and my realtor put together. And sometimes, I think God likes to do the impossible. He likes to surprise us. He likes to make things happen that we think couldn't possibly happen.

That way, we know He did it. We can't pat ourselves on the back. Or our realtor or mortgage broker. Only Him. He's the only One we can praise because He's the only One who could make a way where there's seems to be no way. I'm trying to keep my eyes on Him and trust Him.

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