Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daniel - what a guy!

Daniel, you ...
turn 17 months old tomorrow.
are absolutely adored by this family.
love Barney and The Wiggles.
say "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Dad" indiscriminately.
sign "hi," "bye," "more," "all done," and "no."
say "uh-uh" and shake your head 'no' when you don't want something - adamantly.
like to blow raspberries and then belly laugh out loud.
love your daily walk in the stroller with Grandma and Dad-dad.
love to be outside.
eat grapes, blueberries, and apples (whole - unpeeled.)
are a rather picky eater.
are mesmerized by animals.
adore big sister Eme (Meh-muh.)
like to push cars around like he's driving them.
love to snuggle your fur-real Kitty.
are attached to the Gerber First Essentials pacifiers.
are without fear when it comes to climbing.
insist on walking up and down the stairs - but will hold Mommy's hand while doing so.
like to ride your rocking horse.
absolutely adore Dad-dad.
like to play swords.
love the librarians b/c they always give you a lollipop!
are territorial with your Winnie the Pooh chair :)
stop in your tracks when you hear a motorcycle and turn to check it out
think tooting and burping are hilarious

Daddy and Daniel

Having had all girls, Daniel is a true boy! He thinks tooting and burping (to be completely blunt) are hilarious! And he didn't just pick that up from Daddy :) The first time he realized he passed gas, he stopped, looked at me, and laughed out loud. Another time he was sitting on Garr's lap when Garr did the same. Daniel turned and looked at Garr with this look on his face like "Daddy, you are so funny - that was hilarious!" Our girls laugh at this kind of thing too - (well, Abby does - Eme and Liv get annoyed like Mommy!), but I really think Abby learned from Garr that it was funny. Daniel just seemed to know from the get-go!

Pushing sis in the car
Snuggling with Abby


Boys and sticks

Boys and swords

checking out a neighbors dog
(I know the dog looks weird in this picture but he really is safe)

lounging with Grandad

eating like a big boy!

eating pizza - he eats the cheese off the top instead of taking bites :)

Our little man who always messes up his hair as soon as I've got it brushed!

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