Monday, April 27, 2009

Dinner again.

I don't know about you, but I get so tired of eating the same meals over and over. On top of that, I get tired of planning meals every week! But on the days when I have a plan, my day goes so much better. (funny about that!) So here is another dinner idea that might make one of your days easier. :)

Tonight we are having a summer favorite ... since it is so summery here today! 90 degrees! And although it is a bit time-consuming to put together, it is super easy to make. We just cut up whatever veggies we have on hand ... zucchini, squash, red and yellow peppers, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., and then cut up a fresh (or canned) pineapple. Mix it all together and pour some Italian dressing (we used Wish-bone tonight - or you could use teriyaki sauce) over it. Wrap it in some foil and put it on the grill for 20-30 min. If you want, you can cook rice to eat with it. Since we have so many taters, we are forgoing the rice. Mom did make some yummy - from scratch - blueberry muffins to go with it though! We'll see if there are still any left at dinner time :)

I promise to try and post tomorrow (with pictures) about our big news!
(...and NO, I am NOT PREGNANT) lol... :)

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