Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Week!

This is going to be a really big week for our family. Garr and I have been waiting almost 11 years for this - We are buying our first house! Yes, that's right! We close on Wednesday. It's a great house about 30 minutes south of where we are right now. It needs a lot of work, but thankfully, I have a hubby who can handle that! It is 2700 finished square feet - 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. The upstairs is not finished. We have plans to put a bedroom up there for the girls, eventually another bathroom, and some other ideas in the works. So I have tons of packing to do in the next couple days. I put it off for fear something would fall through and then I would have to unpack everything I'd packed! But everything is on track - so far, so good! Wednesday morning we close. Then Garr and I will be shopping in the afternoon - the house has no appliances right now. Thursday - Sunday we will be doing major painting and cleaning. Then start moving in sometime next week. It is going to be a crazy week! After that we have plans to replace all the floors with hardwood (except bedrms which already have hardwd); update the kitchen (possibly new cabinetry, def paint, hardware, etc); fix pool (inground); fix some siding; and put in new septic (blah!). So we will be plenty busy for the coming months! Here are a few photos of our house!

Our house!

To the left of the house, pool in front and then pole barn

Our backyard

back view of house

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Chaplain Sam said...

It looks great guys! What a blessing.