Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eme - end of school and a museum

The school year ended recently and all our girls did great! They all made honor roll throughout the year. Emelyn was given the Citizenship Award for her class - we were so proud of her! She is a wonderful kid! Her teacher said she was always willing to help out the other students even if it meant pausing in her own work. I was able to attend a field trip with Eme to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. We had a fun day! Eme's bff, Kaeli, and her mom also went. Here are some photos of the girls that day and also the last day of school.

Emelyn holding her award - she looks thrilled doesn't she?

Eme and bff, Kaeli, at the Institute

Our group of girls at the museum
Eme trying to lift Kaeli using a pulley system!
This was not easy but it was fun!
Eme rockclimbing
Mrs. Diggs, 3rd grade teacher
Eme and her other bff, Ash, at their chorus concert


Anonymous said...

Eme - We are SO PROUD of you! You are an awesome kid! Love Grandma and Grandad (a.k.a. Joyful and Grumpy!) LOL!!

Kenny,Kate and Justin said...

Geat job Eme (and Abby and livy)This year in school. enjoy these fun filled summer days.