Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So we aren't closing tomorrow after all. Yes, I'm bummed. But I'm kind of relieved too - in a strange way. I have been waiting for something to go wrong to hold off closing - waking up with a stomach ache and carrying around a bad case of nerves all day. And now that 'the something' has finally happened, and so far it's not too bad, I feel much better! I know I'm weird, aren't I? So I have a bit more time to pack and a little time to finish up some special projects I've been working on. And ten years from now, we will look back and laugh at how uptight we were and kick back and enjoy. Or maybe we'll just be uptight about something else, because come to think of it, Emelyn will be 19 in ten years and that's a scary thought! {smiles}

Closing will be sometime next week - probably the 26th, possibly the 29th, if you want to pray with me - I'm hoping for the 24th! In the meantime I think I will share some more adorable pics of Daniel at our new house!

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Lora said...

Hi there - I found your blog through Lauren Greutman's blog - she's a friend of mine. anyway, just wanted to let you know that i was so touched tonight by the song playing on your blog (your love is extravagant). i hadn't heard that song in ages, and God really touched my heart as I let the words wash over me. My eyes are still damp. Thank you for putting that song on your blog! God really used it tonight to minister to my heart. Lora