Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm a bit behind on usual! We have been very usual. But I had to share about Memorial Day weekend. We have some amazing friends here who turned out to help us install our fence. And boy, is there a. lot. of. fence. We started Saturday morning and worked all day long. The women made tons of food, the kids had a great time playing and swimming, and the men worked hard on the fence (and we women joined in on the fence when we weren't in the kitchen.) We made so much progress, it was amazing. Everyone (and more people) came again on Monday to help us finish. We got the whole perimeter fenced in, in just 2 days. We felt so blessed! We still have some fencing left and we intend to pull out the chain link fence around the pool and replace it with the rail fence. We also got the siding on our eaves done (it had been bare before) much to the delight of our neighbors. :)

Here are some photos from that Saturday. I was bummed to not get any on Monday, but it was so hot and we just wanted to get done!

Starting out.
We were so thankful to have a
'professional' fence installer come to help.
What a difference that made!
Daniel, Greg, Dad
Notice Daniel standing just like Grandad!
Another friend brought his tractor and post hole digger to help out
Daniel loved being out there watching the guys work
and studying all the equipment they used.
Ryan, JimBob, and Garr
Hanging out with Dad-dad
Some of the ladies - Amber, Kristin, Mom
We had fun in spite of all the work!
The kids!
Too cute!
My nephew, Justin
Kate, Mom, and me

Kate, Mom, Daniel, me, Kristin, Amber

Danny and I

You love me for posting this, don't you, K?
where the fence meets in the backyard -
we did split rail for the front and sides
and privacy fence for the back
the side yard (the gray fence is the neighbors fence)
Garr working hard


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What's with the last picture of your Dad? Is that intentional?