Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...the sun is shining and the heat is building. Another 100 degree day is on it's way. Soon we will be jumping into our pool for a swim and then heading indoors to enjoy the air conditioning during the afternoon heat.

I am thinking...about friends and the gifts God has given us in them. The chance to support and be supported in our Christian faith is priceless.

I am thankful for...walls coming down and hearts joining together - a very special baptism coming up on Sunday.

From the learning planning and sewing curtains if I can get my nerve up (first time sewing lined curtains!) :) No other "schooling" going on except for reading. It's SUMMER!

From the kitchen...a mess right now. Garr is eating out tonight as he is going straight from work to praise team practice. The girls and I are attending a bd party where we'll be having pizza. No oven on today!!

I am wearing...cut-off jean shorts and a green t-shirt and gray flip-flops. My hair is still wet from my shower and I think I will let it dry naturally today because I'm too lazy to mess with it and it's too hot to wear it down anyways!

I am creating...a playlist of camp songs for Abby's new iPod from her Ama and Mr. Buddy.

I am return overdue movies to the library and pick up a bd gift from the store later today. Hoping I can help Daniel understand the gift is to be given - not a new toy for him. It's tough at this age!

I am reading...fiction and historical fiction this week. Enjoying the summer break and taking a break from school reading. If you are looking for a good book, I just finished Michelle Moran's "Neferiti" and "Cleopatra's Daughter" and Monica McInerney's "The Alphabet Sisters."

I am hoping...Garr can take a vacation day tomorrow so we can leave a bit earlier for his mom's.

I am hearing...little girl's voices raised to a higher pitch than normal as they pretend play with their dolls.

Around the house...paint cans. We are doing some repainting as I didn't care for the neutral "mud" color we chose previously. Caribbean blue in the school room and a light green in the living room.

One of my favorite things...hearing my husband play music again.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a visit with Garr's mom in VA Beach; Abby's baptism and Daniel's dedication in church on Sunday, as well as baptisms and dedications for other friends at church.

From my Bible: Ephesians chapter 4 - which of these traits "humility, patience, gentleness, bearing with one another" do I need God to work on in me? How about all 4?

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