Thursday, September 18, 2008

Assateague Island

We left for Assateague Island on Sept 4th. We were evacuated on Sept 5th! It ended up being ok though. We went to another campground about 20 minutes away and had full hook-ups, so that made it easier to weather the storm with 4 kids cooped up! On Sunday, the 7th, we went back to Assateague. We spent the week swimming (the kids and Garr love boogie-boarding), having campfires, playing games, doing puzzles, and reading. It was a fun, relaxing week. Unlike other vacations, there was only one trip to the first aid station. You'll see a picture of Liv with a bandage on her forehead - she wasn't happy with me for taking her picture! She walked into the tailgate of the truck - poor thing! The last few days were super windy. Tents were being blown down left and right, including our screen tent. You will notice though, a cup of coffee (less than half full) sitting on the picnic table. In all the wind -that cup never fell over! It stayed right where it was for 3 days! Too strange! Here are some of our many pictures!

Olivia wearing Daddy's sunglasses
Our screen tent - toppled by the winds
The amazing coffee cup that never was blown over
(see it sitting on the table in the picture above?)
Checking out the baby pony
Only 2 weeks old

Liv and Eme heading back to camp
Daniel and Grandad
Olivia's banged up noggin
Garr took the girls ghost crab hunting many nights - this one was as big as Garr's fist
Surfer Girls
Daddy's arms
Danny and Mommy
Where'd Abby go?
The ponies found graham crackers on our table!
And snacks on Daniel's exersaucer!
Big boy shoes!
So cute! Garr and Jess
Abby boogie-boarding
Eme and Daniel playing in the waves
Garr and Daniel
One of the ponies taking a stroll on the beach

Oliva, Abby, Daniel, and Emelyn
Danny's new "cheese smile"
Boys and dirt!


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest kids on earth!!! Love, Grandma O.

Sarah in the Middle said...

Wanna hear something funny? My sister, Rachael, was on the island at the same time! They had one good day and then got evacuated because of the storm. Happen to see anybody who looked strangely like me :)
Great pictures - it looks like you guys had fun.

Mindy said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time together! I cant believe how much your kids remind me of your mom. Where is this Island located for you guys to be evacuated?

DOW FAMILY said...

Man, I haven't checked your blog in soo long! What a great summer it looks like you had. I really really want to bring the kids to see the horses. Grace would just love that!!! You'll have to fill me in on the details. I can't believe how big Daniel is too! Wow. You guys all look great.