Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garr's Mom

We also received some bad news while we were on vacation. We got home last Friday, unpacked, repacked, and headed out for VA Saturday morning. Garr's mom, Linda, was diagnosed with cancer. We took Daniel and Eme (Liv and Abby stayed home with my parents). Amy and her son, Colton, we already staying at Linda's. Amy has been taking Linda to her appointments and taking care of her. We had a really nice visit. We went to the beach so Eme could swim a little. We visited Linda's church with her - a great experience. And Linda and I spent a day at appoinments. We were also able to meet Amy's fiance, Mike. We had to come home on Tues because Garr had to work Wed and Eme needed to return to school. Here are some pictures from our weekend. We plan to go down as often as we can to help her through chemo.

Linda, Daniel, and Eme
Daniel and Colton - it was so hard to get a picture of the two of them - they move so fast!
Eme and Daniel
Uncle Garr and Cole playing
Ahma and Daniel
Linda and Daniel

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Linda, she will be in our thoughts and prayers as will you and Garr. Leslie is now almost 6 months pregnant. It's a boy, she' naming him Alexzander. We will call him Zander. Mom and Dad are headed to RI for the yearly trip. We just had a whole week without power because of the hurricane coming up the coast, trees and power lines down all over. The wind was terrible. Mom has huge branches in her yard. Michael started football, he's right tackle. Passed his trapper training course today, so grandpa is so proud. Helaina of course is still horse and Hannah Montana crazy. Talk to ya later. Love Ya, Mike & Lisa and kids