Monday, September 1, 2008

Good-bye Racy

The girls went outside to play last night and came screaming back inside. Racy had died. We keep Racy (Eme's bunny) in a fenced pen with a ramp going up to his cage. We keep his door to the cage open all the time, but it looks like it came unhooked and was closed. We aren't completely sure what happened, but it looks like Racy may have run up his ramp and into the door, breaking his neck.

We all feel so bad. Racy was such a sweet bunny. Abby cried the hardest - she has such a tender heart. Eme was upset, but handled it very well. Livy mostly just cried because her sister's were. Garr had to work late last night because of a last minute drug arrest. By the time he got home, it was time for bed. He took Eme out and they buried Racy together. Eme was very concerned with how we were going to dispose of the body - she didn't want us to cremate Racy or throw him in the trash. I assured her we wouldn't. I was afraid the burial would be too hard on Abby though, so I kept her and Olivia inside.

Once Eme and Garr came back inside, Abby asked if we could pray for Racy. Garr made it clear to me that he had already told Eme that Racy had gone to heaven. So then I explained to the girls that animals don't have spirits that can choose to love God or not, like humans, so they automatically go to heaven. I figure if God gave us animals to enjoy on earth, it makes perfect sense that there will be animals in heaven too. I assured Abby we didn't need to pray for Racy, he was already in heaven and not in pain. Garr did pray though, and thanked God for our time with Racy. I thought it was sweet how he mentioned that Racy was already in heaven playing with Jesus.

I was surprised that there were no tears as the girls headed to bed. Abby will usually cry for quite awhile in bed after something like this. She and Olivia slept in Grandma and Grandad's bed (they are camping) and Abby read stories to Olivia until she fell asleep. (too sweet!)

This morning, Eme has commented that it is hard for her to believe that Racy is gone. I agree with her. We will all miss our sweet bunny.


Sarah in the Middle said...

I'm sorry, Jess! That kind of thing is so hard to go through with kids. It sounds like you handled it very well.

Katarina said...

Wow, you handled it so good, congratulations. Me and Lucy cried and cried for hours last summer..... are you sure you don't want new bunny (bunnies)?