Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daniel's Latest Accomplishments

Daniel is growing way too fast for me! He just turned 9 months. He is cutting his 7th tooth - finally. He has the 4 bottom center teeth, but on the top, he has the left center tooth and then the one to the left of that. So in other words - he looks like a Snaggletooth! :] The other top center tooth is finally trying to come through.

He still army crawls like crazy. He can crawl on all fours, but he will only do that if the ground is hurting (or scratching) his stomach. He is starting to pull himself up to a kneeling and then a standing position. I've had a couple strokes watching him, but he thinks it's great! He just gives me the cheesiest smiles! He also likes to climb over the rungs of the dining room chairs, but then he gets stuck! I have a picture of it on here. =]

He has reached the point where he is too big for his baby bath and too little for the big tub. So we gave him his first sink bath tonight. (unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy) We gave him the bath right after dinner, so we were rinsing dishes in the sink next to him. He reached back and was fiddling with the handles and before we knew it, he grabbed the sprayer and soaked my mom! It was SO funny! I was laughing so hard, I couldn't figure out what to do to make the water stop. We laughed so hard.

After that, Daniel kept turning the faucet on (the cold water) and sticking his hand into the stream. He was so fascinated with the fact that every time he turned that handle, the water would come out. It was adorable.


Sarah in the Middle said...

So cute - I can just picture him sitting in the sink playing with the water. And there's sommething about someone being sprayed by water that's just so funny, isn't there? He's a cutie!

Ryan & Katie said...

Daniel is so big, I can hardly believe he's already 9 months old. Time flies when you're a parent, eh? We miss you and your family bunches.