Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last weekend, the girls and I decided to make a birdfeeder. We had seen a bluejay in our yard and were hoping it would come back. We looked online and found a "how-to" on making a birdfeeder out of a plastic milk jug. I'm sorry I can't remember the link. Basically we cut a hole on the two sides opposite of the handle. Then we cut smaller holes below those and ran a 12" dowel through for a place for the bird to sit. We filled it with birdseed (which I promptly dropped all over the kitchen floor!) Then we used some wire (sodder, actually!) that I found in the garage to hang it. (we were also supposed to cut some small drainage holes in the bottowm, but I forgot) We watched for the past week and didn't see anyone using it until yesterday. I watched as a squirrel shimmied right up that slippery pole, sat in the flower pot opposite, and ate our birdseed! Oh well, at least one of God's creatures is being fed! This morning, though, we did see two birds out there eating out of our birdfeeder. It was so great to see. Here are some photos.

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