Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're Thankful For...

Abby: A nice home and a place to sleep...

Olivia: A nice family...this many toys

Emelyn: This good book...Mommy and Daddy

Garr: An amazing wife and amazing kids...a good job...good to still have a relationship with Jesus Christ

Jessa: Healthy children....Loving husband...God's parents

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Anonymous said...

Messa and Fam,
Well Happy Thanksgiving! Your kids are so beautiful! Leslie and Mark got into a car accident on Tuesday. Leslie they think either has a cracked or broken rib. They can't do an exray because of her being pregnant. So she's in terrible pain, but can't take any good pain medicine because of being pregnant. So she cries a lot from soreness. Baby Anthony's funeral services are Sunday & Monday, of course we're in a lake effect storm warning for that day. We have almost 2ft. of snow with about 6inches of heavy slush underneath. Keep Leslie in your prayers, she's hurting a lot. Keep mom in your prayers too she's a nervous wreck. The Lord Bless You and Keep You! Love, Mike & Lisa and kids