Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of our computers (the one I usually use) has been down for a few weeks. I have begun using this computer to blog instead, but I missed some pictures in the switch. I realized I never shared our Halloween pictures.

Garr had to work, but I took the kids trick-or-treating with my some friends of ours. We went with them last year also, so it is becoming a tradition! I'll tell you though, 2 moms and 8 kids in the dark is not easy! We were definitely a little stressed by the end of the night! Afterwards, I brought my kids and her girls back to our house for trunk or treat at our church. The girls then came inside to organize and trade candy. Too cute! It was a fun night.

Emelyn - Monarch Butterfly
Abby - High School Musical Cheerleader
Olivia - Ladybug (those are ladybug spots on her face)
Daniel - doggy
That's the Wildcat paw on her forehead :)
Emelyn and best friend, Kaeli
Daniel and Dad-dad
Daniel has Dad-dad trained well -- "oooh, pretty lights!"
Daniel loves the lights!

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