Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daniel's Favorite Christmas Gift

Out of all of Daniel's Christmas gifts, this ball was probably his favorite. He had the cutest reaction to it. He liked all of his gifts and has played with some more than others. (Other favorites include nesting blocks, magnetic blocks, and cars that take off when pulled back.) He definitely wanted to play with each gift as he opened them, much to the chagrin of his sisters who wanted him to keep opening! Daniel ended up opening gifts all day, one or two at a time. In the end, Livy and I opened his last couple because he just wasn't into it anymore. (Most of his gifts were toys I had picked up at yard sales or were given to us from friends throughout the year - I just saved them in a box downstairs and then wrapped them up for Christmas morning.)

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DOW FAMILY said...

Great Picture! Isaac loved loved loved basketball at that age. I recommend finding a little tykes b-ball hoop at a garage sale somewhere..bring it in the house and let him shoot! Isaac shot all day long. It was great:)

Thanks too for the info about cutting coupons. I cut them but I don't do multiple store! Good for you girl!