Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm back!

So I am finally getting back to blogging. We had a great Christmas (except Garr was very sick) but the rest was fun. I have had a bunch of blog ideas, but we have been without a computer blogging. Now that we have one again, I am going to be catching up. :) For starters, here are some photos of the last two months (with captions.) :)

Christmas Eve - Abby, Daniel, Emelyn, Olivia
Christmas morning - Daniel was still sleeping
Garr insisted I put this one on

Daniel shaking finger and saying "No, no!"


Checking out the Christmas tree ornaments - a favorite game

Another game - He grabs his head like he has an awful headache and puts it down on the table. Then looks up at everyone and laughs. over and over again.

Here's the famous "uh-oh" game.
Garr's Mom and her friend, Buddy, came for Thanksgiving. We had a great time.


DOW FAMILY said...

Great photos..loved the ones of Danny grabbing his tushy! Glad you shared...he seems to bring lots of joy!

Linda said...

I love the photos! They are great to see. I had the best time with all of you this year. The best ever!
I love you.

Danielle said...

What great pics, Jess!! Looking forward to seeing more updates and pictures!