Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daniel's First Birthday

Daniel turned one on November 30th. I'm just a bit late getting his pics on here, but that's ok. You will still enjoy them, I guarantee! :) He had a nice quiet birthday. Garr's mom and sister were here for Thanksgiving, so they were here for the morning of his birthday. We made baked ziti, french bread, and homemade applesauce for his dinner (he loved it!) and of course, cake and ice cream afterwards. I guess I don't have to worry about him being one of those boys who loves to get filthy - he didn't like the icing on his hands much. He kept trying to wipe it off on the side of his tray!

Garr let the girls blow the candle out for Danny

As soon as Garr brought the cake to Daniel, he reached out and grabbed some icing.

Trying to get the icing off his hand

He didn't care for the cake, but he loved the chocolate ice cream!
Garr and I got him the drum you will see in the pictures. He loves it. He loves to beat the drum and chew on the drumstick (I think he imagines it is a lollipop!) I ordered it from Plan Toys - excellent quality; I highly recommend their toys. (And Amazon is the best price I have found.) Anyways, I actually gave it to him a few weeks before his birthday - you know, to make sure he liked it, - and then took it back to wrap and give him on his actual birthday. :) Yes, I'm mean like that. The drum is a special gift because Garr's first instrument was the drums and I am hoping we will keep this toy for Daniel's kids to play with someday too.

So as I'm wrapping his presents, I'm just sitting on the floor and crying - tears just streaming down my face. I had such a hard time the day of his birthday. My last baby, my little boy, already a year old. Already on his way out of babyhood. Already beginning to step away from Mommy. Oh. I have to stop or I am going to start crying all over again. He is such a sweet, sweet boy.
Happy Birthday, Daniel!


Ryan and Katie said...

Oh wow Jess, Daniel doesn't look like a baby anymore...okay I'll stop b/c I don't want to make you cry! Love your new haircut, very sheik and hip!

Susanna Joy said...

I am constantly blown away by how quickly they grow and change, and how quickly I went from being just a young woman worried about shopping and other silly things, to this mother whose identity and joys are so tightly tied up in the comings, goings, growings of these children. I would imagine about a year from now, when I'm creeping toward my baby boy's first birthday, there will be similar tears. There were last summer with Penelope's... Hugs

DOW FAMILY said...

he's adorable. And I'll say it again, I love his coloring!! Happy Birthday Daniel!