Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emelyn's Christmas Concert

Being a third grader now, Emelyn was able to join chorus this year. She has to go to school an hour early one day a week for practice. She has had a great time though. They put on a musical, "The Incredible Reindeer" last night. She was an elf, her favorite of the wintertime legends. She had a couple lines, and of course, sang with the rest of the group. We were very proud of her!

Emelyn and BFF, on first row of risers, singing

I'll tell you though. This totally took me back to my choral concerts as a kid. I can remember the excitement of heading to the school - the outfit, the cold air, the warm auditorium as it filled with people, standing (always) on the bottom row of risers, stomach full of butterflies, giggling with the girlfriend who stood next to me, and looking out (around the piano, which always seemed to be right in front of me) to find my parents in the crowd. I remember loving to sing, and beaming at the applause at the end of the night.

As I watched Eme up there, all these feelings came rushing back to me. And I was so happy that she was able to experience it all too. I watched her with her friends and took pictures of them also, rejoicing over their triumphs on the stage as if they were my own children. I realized that these are the kids she will be growing up with. These kids will be in lots of my photos of her over the next 10 years. I looked around at their parents, who are my friends, and just thought how exciting it is to be settled, to be starting out this journey together, to watch our kids grow up and experience life together. It's a very, very special gift.

Before the show, Danny and his good friend, Izzy

Getting ready to say her part

Emelyn and BFF

Daniel, cheering for his big sis

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